Files with names including Unicode characters > 256 cannot be attached to transactions

BillG2 Member ✭✭

I have a receipt image pdf file whose name includes Unicode characters 277, 275 and 239. I cannot attach that file to a transaction using drag and drop or by choosing the file using Add file. If I change the three characters to Unicode Basic Latin characters, attaching the file works just fine. Please add support for valid Windows file names with these Unicode Latin Extended-A characters.

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  • hhshen
    hhshen Member

    I have been waiting for Unicode support for years. I am surprised they still haven't implement the unicode support. When traveling overseas, receipts in foreign languages are hard to enter into quicken due to lack of Unicode support.

  • Supermann
    Supermann Unconfirmed ✭✭✭

    Same here. Can't believe only two people voted. Restored my backup from another machine to a new machine today and the characters are all garbled up, despite the old machine has them displayed properly after changing the non-unicode settings to a specific foreign language. Windows 11 these days seem to have a beta Unicode setting. Should we check ✔️ that off? I asked because checking in on doesn't seem to fix my problem. Thanks