Sync Foreign Currency with App, Option to Change Account Bar Font, Optimize Memorized Payee [Edited]

I updated from Quicken 2013 Deluxe to the latest Deluxe version and I'm sorry that I did. 2013 worked better for me.
Here are the problems I'm having that I didn't have in 2013:

  1. Starts really, really slow.
  2. Foreign currency doesn't sync with the phone app. I'm in Thailand which uses Baht.
  3. Can't change the font in the Account Bar. It's too light and hard to read. Provide an options to change the font.
  4. When I enter a few characters in the registry Payee field, a list pops up showing a list of transactions that contains those characters. So I have a long list of transactions that I have to scroll through to find what I want. In 2013, it only displayed transactions that started with those characters which display a much shorter list which is what I want. Can you make this an option?

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    If it hasn't been too long, have you thought about going back to 2013? With all but one of the financial institutions that I deal with dropping Direct Connect downloads and having a personal policy to not use EWC/EWC+ download methods, I resurrected QW2013, did a QIF export/import and have been running it in parallel with subscription for several months.

    It won't be long until I only have subscription Quicken installed to help users and use QW2013 as my PFM system.

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