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When we search a broadly held equity, we need a way to search for shares owned by account. For example, I have 5 Fidelity accounts, plus one for my wife, plus 4 for my grandchildren.

For a long-held, broadly held equity that pays dividends (Apple?), the entries are so numerous that I cannot find which account continues to hold shares. Or, another example (Paypal) where all shares have been sold in some accounts, which account/s continues to hold shares?

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    IMHO, the easiest way to look for your currently held shares is to use the Portfolio View (under the Investing tab).
    Use the existing view or set up a new one.
    Customize it to include all the investment accounts you wish to review.
    Set "Group by:" to Accounts.
    Sort the view by Security Name (click the Name title to sort)
    You now have a view which shows all currently held securities, by account.

    If you ever wish to also see securities which you have sold, click the Options gear icon and click "Show closed lots"

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    … and if you want you can click on Customize in the Portfolio view and select which securities you want to include in the view.

    I edited the title to describe the issue.

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    Thank you. Those suggestions are very helpful.