Are Quicken reports broken? "Memo contains" filter not working

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I use a report to track my investing Covered Calls. It used to work fine, but lately (since the last update maybe?) it ignores the "Memo contains" filter that I am highlighting below. What happened? It now shows all Realized Gains transactions, whether they have "COVERED CALL" in the Memo field or not.

Not good, please fix ASAP!


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  • I am having the same problem. I just posted a new discussion stating the Match Characters are no longer working. This needs fixing ASAP!

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    If your issue is filtering on Memo Contains, try clicking on the Memo header in the report to sort in Memo order. You should be able to do this before or after setting the filter criteria and for some reason that makes the Memo contains filter work.

    The match characters is a different issue.

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  • Jim_Harman,

    Thanks. My issue is with Match Characters not working. I misunderstood your post.

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    And sorting by the column with the match character filter does not fix it?

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  • lizlaxton
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    A report I used several times a day now causes the program to stop responding after the last update. Watching the circle spin until I control Alt delete and stop non responsive quicken. I have tried recreating it and as others mention the memo field no longer works right.

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    Whoa! Thank you Jim_Harman!! This is not the proper functionality, but yes. If you have a report and filtering the memo field via the Categories tab in the matching box, "Memo contains", hit OK, AND THEN sort by the memo field the filter works. If I then resave that report it works. AND if you use that same report and change the filter criteria, you don't have to sort again.

    I hope that helps a lot of people until the issue is fixed. I don't have a lot of different reports with this issue, but I image it woudl be painful to do this if you had many reports.

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    @Jim_Harman you're workaround fixed issue with sorting report by Memo. Many thanks! Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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    Same problem. My reports that use memo contains filter used to work. Now they do not. All transactions included in report. I use this feature a lot!

  • Jbone
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    I'm having issues getting reports to generate using memo. For example, I have always inserted Business Income in the "memo contains" area when attempting to run a report. Once the report was completed I broke the report down into categories…..such as Payee. I am no longer able to generate my reports this way. Hopefully, the issue is resolved soon

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    This work to some degree alike others with similar work arounds but you loose the ability to sort by any other column. For instance, "DATE". My wife uses this report to fix split transactions that I am not sure what budget category some of the purchase was intended for. Her receipts are in a pie according to date and she now has to shuffle them into piles by store and then find the correct date after that. This is very tedious but better than having to sort through a long lit of that shouldn't be on the report. I hope they find the issue and fix it some so we can have the correct functionality of these reports back.