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Bob Long
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When opening my Quicken data file there is an option to show my password.

But when I go to One Step Update, there is no option to show my password when logging into my pasword vault:

For increased security I use long, complex passwords and it's easy to make a typo. I log in at home with no one looking over my shoulder. Please add the "show" option to the Enter Vault Password prompt. Thanks!

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  • UKR
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    Until the programmers decide to do something about it, may I suggest to keep the password a little simpler?

    And please be sure to keep a written record of all these passwords somewhere safe and always up-to-date. If something were to happen to you, somebody else, with your authorization, needs to be able to resume where you left off. And that person will need to know all those little passwords.

    BTW, I also voted for making this change.