Budget tool really needs a way to delete a fiscal year, or copy from one year to another


The budget tool really needs a way to delete and recreate a fiscal year, or copy from one year to another. I spent hours setting up a budget in one fiscal year, and unfortunately I was working from a budget that already had the subsequent fiscal year created. Now I seem to have no choice but to manually enter all the same budget amounts. Very frustrating and a waste of time. Software should be able to do this.

Another alternative may be the ability to export and import a fiscal year.



  • RichardCSchreyer
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    edited October 2023

    Trying to understand the comment, if you just click on the right arrow it will copy current year budget to next year

    [Screenshot Edited for Privacy]

  • JW_YYC
    JW_YYC Member

    Hi Richard, yes that's true except that in your example 2026 has not already been created. The problem is I had already (accidentally) created the year, and there seems to be no way to delete it or copy the data once the year is already created. It seems like the only opportunity to copy the categories and values is when you initially create the year.

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