Transactions from my American Express savings account not downloading on to Quicken.


I cannot download the transactions from my American Express savings accounts.

I can, however, download transactions from my American Express credit card.

I have contacted American Express. I was told to contact Quicken. What is going on?

Today, I could not download transactions from my Chase credit card, something that I have been doing successfully for years.


  • UKR
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    Use American Express - Banking as the financial institution name for your Savings account(s). There has been a recent change. FSB is no longer to be used.

    Try Chase again in a few hours. If it still doesn't work, tell us more about this problem. What error message or error code do you get?

  • Veggi77
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    Same problem with American Express credit card downloads. Since the October updates, I've had to attempt to re-authorize my American Express account over and over to no avail. Used the American Express - Banking each and every time. Nothing. Same issue. I've logged out, reactivated (attempted), deactivated, etc. Same problem. It will just loop right back to sending a new authorization code for American Express. Enter the code. Back to the "Sorry. We encountered an error (it's not your fault). Quicken is having trouble connecting to American Express - Banking." Every time.

  • Jay the farmer

    I have the same issue. I have not been able to download Amex for the past 5 months. I do not get an error message. I just do not get the transactions. I have done the reactivate and Amex periodical via Quicken, nothing works.

  • Moirty
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    I have the same issue. Can no longer download any American Express transactions. I tried multiple troubleshooting (reconnecting/deactivating/validating). Quicken appears to connect properly and says that the connection is completed. However, it does not download anything.

    Curiously, I tried a manual import of a QFX file from AMEX. Even then Quicken would not import the transactions. This seems to suggest that the problem is with the Quicken program and not AMEX.

    Although Quicken support shows this as a known issue with AMEX, given that it is taking them weeks to solve, this must be very problematic for them. Since AMEX has worked flawlessly for years, I am guessing that the problem is likely related to a bug in recent updates.

    Please fix this.

  • Rob B.
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    I am getting a CC-501 error when attempting to download my American Express savings accounts. Been happening over the last 2 days on two desktop computers. The Quicken update summary says this issue needs to be resolved by Quicken support.

  • jjrichards
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    I am receiving the same error as well CC-501 when I attempted to download directly from AMEX into Quicken . Quicken One step Update does not show an error , however is not downloading , I added both the interest and transfer transactions manually . This has been going on 12-8 .

  • jjrichards
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    Correction when I attempted to download from AMEX into Quicken I receive the error OL-221 A. When I update from Quicken I receive no error message , however I am missing the two transactions .

  • West
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    Same here, no error message. Just no transactions. First-level support has tried for hours to help me, and on multiple occasions performed the same tedious tasks. Escalating has done nothing but cause it to go into a black hole. The most help first-level support could get from 2nd-level after escalating was for me to just keep trying on my own for however long it takes, and if it doesn't work, oh well. They'll just keep charging me for something that doesn't work until I cancel.

    The same thing is happening with Key Bank and Capital One.

  • Marcus Garvey

    OK, Finally, I can log in, and post a working response.

    Add a new American Express account. (This might sound silly, but you aren't actually create one.) When you're asked for the financial institution, enter: "American Express" and nothing more. Also do NOT choose the one called "…FSB", or the one called "… - Banking). Now, you be asked to link all your AMEX accounts to Quicken. Do so. Make sure all the current Amex accts are checked. Continue. It completed successfully for me. There was one problem… pretty common for Quicken… An OLD Amex CCard acct was brought in as well. Easy fix for that: Select ALL the new transactions, and delete them. Then Deactivate that account, then in the display options, check: "Hide account name in account bar…"

    Quicken has got to be the very worst program I've ever used.
    If I get through a day with out a problem, I am usually in a state of disbelief!!

  • Michael Hehrer

    I can not download any transactions for my Chase Ink card either. I tried Bank of America and US Bank too, all are failing to download transactions. Up until a couple months ago they all worked. I have ordered new accounts set up in different banks thinking that there was something wrong on the banks end only to find out, none of my credit cards are downloading tranactions.

  • chirashi
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    Cannot download from American Express.

    I created a new account for American Express -Banking, for my savings account - I entered valid credentials, and received a 2FA security code. Entered the security code, and I get a FI_TIMEOUT error in less than 20 seconds. Repeated this several times. Unclear if the timeout is in AmEx or Quicken.

    I logged directly into my AmericanExpress account, and exported transactions as Quicken format and as CSV format so I could import them into Quicken. Quicken cannot read the QFX export file (the file appears to be valid xml). Quicken will not read the CSV file because the file wasn't from Mint (but Excel reads it just fine).

    Quicken support has previously said that it is AmEx's fault for writing a bad QFX file.

    Quicken needs to work out this problem with American Express.

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