Reports - add column showing average value for each line item & overall average value on bar graph

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  • kjay012
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    On the topic of reports, I would like to see a column populated with the average value for each line item displayed next to the total value in the report and the overall average displayed as a line across the bar graph when grouping by a column. For example, I am displaying my expenses for the past 12 months grouped by column. I'd like to see the average for each category and the overall average in the report and then the overall average represented as a horizontal line running across the 12 bars in my graph representing each month so I can easily see which months I've spent more than average and which months less.

  • Jim_Harman
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    I'm not sure what you mean by the average value for each line item, but this sounds a lot like the report and graph at Reports > Spending > Current Spending vs Average Spending by Category.

    Is that what you are looking for? If not, please explain how what you want is different.

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