I have no Categories or Tags from March '23 in my register, where are they?

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Tags and Categories all the way back to March '23 are missing from my register. Only thing showing are transfers. The original file showed this starting on June 1, '23. I reloaded Quicken, restored backup from 5-30-23, but now I 'm missing categories and tags missing back to 3-1-23 after downloading back from 3-1-23 from the Credit Union. Whay is going on. Preferences are set to download categories, but doesn't!


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    If you have a backup which you believe to have all the info, you could try to Validate & Repair it without letting Quicken open it.

    Start Quicken holding down the CTRL key and it should open without a file. Do File > Validate & Repair. That will allow you to browse to the data file of your choice and validate it. You may have to supply the data file password.

    I don't know for sure whether this will work, since Quicken still has to open the file in the operating system sense, but it might work because the validation will happen before Quicken gets its hands on your data. Let me know if it works.

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