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I would like to see annualized data (such as Annualized ROI). Also, charting that compares my investments with S&P 500. My brokerage accounts don't do this, so you could actually provide better insight.

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    @estoces Do the existing ROI options in the Portfolio view by Performance not provide the data you're looking for?

    You can view ROI for the past year, or calendar year to date.

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    As a former Windows user (the software is way more clunky, but it has a lot of great features missing on Mac), I miss the security window where you click on a security and it brings up a window summarizing everything you’re ever done with that security, including graphing its price or value over a time range you choose. It also shows transactions from all accounts unless you filter it out.

    I’d love to see the graphing of performance of a given security, but also accounts vs a metric like S&P. Additionally I’d like to see a graph comparison of all accounts. Quicken gives you a lot of info and collects a lot of data, but insights are lacking.

    Here’s an example - I have a ton of accounts. Let’s say you have an individual account, a Roth IRA, Regular IRA, an inherited IRA, and a 401k. That’s not implausible. If you have a Roth 401k, the company contributed in non Roth funds. If you leave that employer and roll them over into IRA’s, the Roth goes to Roth, the non Roth contributions roll over into a regular IRA, etc. and then you start a new 401k with the new employer. Now let’s say you decide to hand over half of your IRA to a broker to manage. Thats yet another account. At this point you have 5 accounts

    You can see their performance in aggregate, and you can see their performance individually, but there’s no way you can compare them against each other

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  • estoces
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    I asked if quicken for mac had an api that I could use to write my own… It said no, but gave the following as an option.

    Another option would be to use a third-party tool that's designed for investment analysis and visualization. A couple of examples are:

    • [Removed - 3rd Party Software]
    • Mint (

    Both of these tools can connect to Quicken and other financial accounts and give you a more automated, visual approach to investment analysis.

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    Mint is going away at the end of the year, and never had anything for investments other than number of shares, price, and cash balance (no transactions). Neither of these "connect to Quicken".

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