CC-800 Errors

Westley Member ✭✭✭

Has anyone found a way to solve continuing CC-800 errors?

My wife and I have multiple accounts with Syncronity Bank. The accounts under my name work fine, while those under her name are failing.

I also have multiple user accounts with CitiBank. Same thing, the accounts under one username are failing while all the others work find.

I have tried using the FixIt button and also deactivating instructions as found on Quicken website. Nothing seems to work.

This is a "new" data file in that I started it Jan 1, 2023 since I was having too many issues with my previous data files (been using Quicking for 10+ years).




  • Hello @Westley,

    To clarify, you are experiencing a CC-800 error message across multiple accounts with different financial institutions?


    -Quicken Jasmine

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