Quicken now thinks my checking account is a credit card account.


Until recently, everything was working fine. No new accounts, or anything. Then I started getting complaints when updating. I finally just deactivated all the accounts at my credit union figuring I'll reconnect them. When I try to reconnect them, though, quicken wants to add my checking account as a credit card account and won't let me change it. Is there a way to override the type of account that quicken thinks it is? I don't know if something changed at the crecit union or in Quicken.


  • rlrcstr
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    edited December 2023

    Finally got ahold of someone at quicken and they told me to erase the financial institution and account number that were stored with the account from when it was previosuly connected. That worked. The next time I tried to connect it, it connected as the proper account type.

  • Glenn Dawe
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    thanks. That sounds like the same problem I am experiencing.

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