Navy Federal Continues to issue error codes


Quicken R53.2.6 Build Windows 10

For over a year I have been unable to use one step update for Navy Federal Credit Union. It works fine for two other banks and for all of my TIAA complex retirement accounts. I get CC506 errors on 11 accounts and CC800 errors on 8 accounts. I have worked through all of the suggested 'fixes' each time. Sometimes Quicken corrects by downloading duplicate accounts. Sometimes tries to download closed accounts and issues an error message (Correct that and the next time indicates that the error is due to a closed account which I had previously closed according to Quicken directions). Quicken really went nuts when I had to change a Credit Card account number when the old card was compromised. Next time I try to access NFCU I might get CC506 errors on 14 accounts no CC800 errors even though these are all the same accounts. I have 49 days until my subscription runs out. Been a supporter for a number of years but am seeing a rapid downgrade in functionality. The Community pages are full of frustrations with Quicken and NFCU. Interesting since NFCU is, I believe, the largest such entity in the world. Please tell me this is fixable.

PS I am tired of Quicken going through an update process every time I open it.

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