Wells Fargo new connection method not connecting


I have searched through the related discussions on the new Wells Fargo Quicken Connection

and just can't get it to engage entirely. This is supposed to be handled by Dec 18, 2023. I have 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1 Deactivate/Reactivate with existing accounts @ Wells Fargo

  • Turned off Online services (Deactivate)
  • Reactivated access and went through authorizing Quicken access though Wells Fargo, it basically succeeded on the bank side and still shows them activated. However, in Quicken it said it failed, ending at with Try Again Later (from Beginning which never worked) or just bail out. Accounts do show at Activated in Quicken.
  • Only way I can download data is to log on to bank, with Quicken already open, and manually download the data from bank, by date range.

Scenario 2 Create a new QDF file and add accounts @ Wells Fargo (Add new account)

  • Fails similar to above, 1.e. ends at Try again Later.
  • Does not create the accounts in the new Quicken file

Scenario 3 Reauthorize with yet another QDF file, i.e. different QDF with different existing accounts and log-in @ Wells Fargo

  • Enter my WF credentials and it repeatedly fails at the below screen.
  • Account Access still show as Activated in Quicken

BTW: At no point in time do I see anything indicating that it is activated(ing) with EWC+

Quicken for Windows 7/10/11, R53.26

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