Paypal Mastercard - Issue needs immediate attention

dcheitel Member ✭✭

Quicken has ignored this long enough. there are post starting in June of 2023 regarding this issue that show being looked into 7 monthsly later. There were posts from 2022 showing issue was closed that was cleared not handled. It would have been bad enough in the old days were we had purchased a lifetime version of quicken, but now that we are paying subscription ongoing for non working software with no compensation for issues that have no status updates for over a year.

I worked in technology for internet services and software for years. it would never have been ok for an issue not to have at least a status update showing movement or new information in days let alone years.

Someone at the executive level needs to look into this. Im not expecting them to fix it, but I suspect someone is not prioritizing this. There are people attached to this issue.

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