Software should be platform agnostic

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Here we are in the 2nd decade of the 21st century and we still cannot "move freely about the cabin" … meaning: Quicken still cannot support online Canadian bank transactions here in the US.

When I worked for Oracle (for over 10 years) Ellison had his database ported to all major platforms (some 50 different OS). Quicken cannot fully support 2 ??!

I request that Quicken ensure that all of their US customers can support all Canadian Online Bank transfers with their Mac software. This functionality works on the PC platform so why not on the Mac?

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  • RoboMonti
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    I concur. Actually, I recently acquired Quicken Mac (Mar'24) and wouldn't have done so had I known that major Brokerages like Questrade aren't supported, neither is American Express, nor the bill payer functionality. Furthermore, their retirement planner isn't compatible with Mac (not just a Canadian issue).... Quicken boasts about how their automation surpasses spreadsheets, which is utterly false. They ought to be ashamed of their Canadian Mac offering; it's no better than many of the mainstream "free" apps out there. Unless there's a clear plan to address the issues mentioned above, I'll be seeking a refund and I encourage all of you to do the same; maybe this will encourage them to address the issues.

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    Oracle has around 132,00 to 143,000 employees. Quicken Inc has around 200.

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