Ally Bank CC-800 after a year and I still can not reliably download transactions

After a year of putting up with this I am turning to the Community as support is unable to escalate on my behalf to a decision maker. And a note to the President would only waste more time and cost me as a customer more in annual fees.

Things seem to go OK for a while then as is suppose to be "normal" I find I need to back up to a previous version because I did just made a mistake and need to start the day over…. or I get something new that is easier just to back up than to drill down to correct.

So as for all the years of using Quicken (since 1992), I simply overwrite with a backup which I religiously create to off site storage daily.

Then I get the above… which I attempt to correct using the "fix" widget.. and I get a msg all is OK all 4 of my Ally Bank Accounts (1 checking and 3 CDs) have been "re-connected". Only the next time I run One Step Update Summary to get the attached message or something similar.

I dutifully "report the problem" then after a week of nothing… I call 1-800-HELP to have yet another poor level 1 to go through the same steps…. in what is a fleeting period of it working till I need to restore a backup or something changes at Ally Bank (according to Lvl 1 support) sine they can not transfer to Lvl 2 back at company HQ.


  • Jagless
    Jagless Member

    Yes, I am having the same issue. Support told me to start a new Quicken file. So basically, start again and not have any of my historical data. That's not helpful.

  • Hello @LarryHolmes1414,

    I have taken the time to look into your interactions with Quicken Support. I noticed that you kept your file on the D drive instead of the C drive, is it still located there?

    Hello @Jagless,

    Are you receiving a CC-800 error message?


    -Quicken Jasmine

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