Maturity Dates for CD's

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Add maturity dates in account details

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  • Chris_QPW
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    You could put that in the Comments text box in the Account Details.

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  • Jeppo
    Jeppo Member

    For me, it isn't enough to have maturity dates noted somewhere. In my case, our credit union CDs do not show in the "maturity date" report.

    Anyway, what would be extremely helpful is to set reminders for the maturity dates of CDs and other fixed rate investments. It would be great to be reminded automatically to do whatever is necessary at that moment (rollover, reinvest, move proceeds, etc.).

  • QuickUserPSP
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    @Jeppo to add clarity to your idea, you may want to give more details on what you want and how you would use it. I say this because there are two different types of CDs - Bank CDs and Brokered CDs. For Brokered CDs, the CD should be set up as a security and added to a broker account in Quicken. The maturity date then is added in the security setup and is used in the CD Maturity Report.

    The other type of CD, a Bank CD, is what I think you may be referring to where the CD is set up as a savings account. Each CD has its own account and activity (mainly periodic interest) may be downloaded from the financial institution. If this is the case, then you could put the maturity date in the title of the account or Description. If you put the maturity date in the Description, then it will show on the Account List, and the Account List Report.