Quicken skipped Downloading 23 tranactions. Manual download also fails

I routinely run one step update, it's nothing new. It had been working so flawlessly I failed to notice 22 missing transactions between March and October 2023 in an account I only look at at tax time. There's just nothing for 11 weeks. I downloaded a QFX from the bank, went to Quicken file menu, down to File Import. The account window flickers like it's downloading, but the transactions don't appear. Tried resetting the account. Tried deactivating and reactivating Online Services. It did ask me to link that account to an existing account, but there was no other sign of anything going on. I'm at the point of entering 22 transactions manually, but not if this is going to be an ongoing problem. Excel is starting to look pretty good.


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    What bank, as it's known in Q. And what download method, Direct Connect, Express Web Connect or Web Connect?

    Also, did you ever during that period reconcile the account …. which would have caught the issue last March?

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