Covered calls named incorrectly

I'm running Quicken Classic Business & Personal, version R54.16 in Windows 11.

When I download transactions from my brokers, covered calls get assigned a consistently incorrect name. Last week I downloaded 15 calls in one account and 11 of them were shown as Vanguard "Prime Moneymarket Fund - Admiral." That name has been used consistently for many of the downloaded transactions for a long time; I'm guessing at least a couple of years. I don't own that fund, although I did at some point in the past. It is no longer included on Vanguard's list of funds.

I believe this is a Quicken problem rather than a broker problem for a couple of reasons. It has happened with three different brokers (including Vanguard), and at the beginning of the download process the new options' correct names are added. Then, when the screen to accept the transactions comes up some of them are correct but most use the Vanguard name. It's a pain to have to try to determine the correct name and edit the entry.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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