One step update freezes

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Haven’t updated in a week. Attempted update tonight and update froze while “processing data”. Had to use task manager to close program. Attempted several times. Validated file-no change. Uninstalled/reinstalled Quicken-no change.
Attempted individual account update-no change.
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    R54.16 here also. I think when anyone reinstalls Quicken again it gives the latest version which usually includes the latest Mondo Patch.

    My One Step Update of 4 days ago took the normal slow time to update. I did a One Step Update on March 8 also and it looked like it was freezing also but I let it run. It took about 3 times the slow time I had been getting but it finally finished the update.

    Quicken put out a Mondo patch for March since my OSU update of 4 days ago which some probably have installed. I did not install the Mondo but read what it was to improve and/or fix.

    It says in part:

    IMPROVED: Improved One Step Update progress screen with clearer messaging, reduced user interruptions, and faster updates

    FIXED: Addressed a crash related to online bill reminders that sometimes occurred during One Step Update

    Could this Mondo R55.12 implementation by Quicken into their OSU processes be causing an issue instead of improving or fixing the issue? I wondered so I just did another OSU (still using R54.16) and it was back to my normal slow speed to update instead of taking 3 times longer as seen on March 8.

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    Still same issue today. No change. Checked for updates and software is up to date.

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    Same issue…Quicken is worthless without the ability to update. Is there anyone working on this???

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