Option to disable review of transaction when updating category or other meta data of transaction


Quicken Mac automatically assumes if you are correcting a transactions category, date or other meta data, that that transaction has been reviewed and removes the blue dot to the left of the transaction. But that is not a true statement for everyone. Usually at beginning of a month I go in and correct category names that were not auto mapped correctly or map a payee to a category because it's brand new. At the end of the month i reconcile all transactions which is when I use the review function and switch all the transactions to reviewed when done.

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See jacobs' comment below


  • jacobs
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    @gobuckeyes Two comments…

    First, when I edit a transaction with a blue dot and change the category, it does not remove the blue dot.

    Second, you can easily re-set the blue dot if you want, in a variety of ways:

    • Click the transaction in the Status (blue dot) column, and a pop-up menu will appear; select "Not Reviewed".
    • Control-click anywhere on the transaction, and a pop-up menu will appear; select Set Status of Selected Transaction to: Not Reviewed
    • Click on the transaction and pull down the Transactions menu to Set Status To > Not Reviewed
    • Click on the transaction and press the command key shortcut: Shift-Option-R

    Note that you can select a group of transactions and set the status to Not Reviewed all at one time.

    Also, there is a Setting you can check to automatically "Mark reconciled transactions as reviewed", so when you reconcile, you don't also need to remove the blue dots as a separate step.

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  • gobuckeyes
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    I appreciate your comments but when I edit transactions with blue dots, my blue dots do go away. If there was a way to show it, I would. I know how to manually get it back so that is why I offered it was an enhancement. It use to not remove the blue dot sometime back in 2023 and maybe its more of a bug somewhere but like I said it happens on my side.