add specific date functionality to reports "Interval"


I am retired and receiving Social Security. I receive my SSA payments on the third Wednesday of the month and therefore must budget accordingly. My budget month runs from the third Wednesday of the month through the third Tuesday of the next month.

For budgeting and estimating spendable dollars I have set-up auto entry 93 days in advance (three month) for all my “fixed” expenses. This provides a report that shows my spendable cash until the next SSA deposit.

I would like to create a report that shows my spendable cash for each of three months into the future, but that cannot currently be accomplished because the report “interval” does not allow for “custom dates” such as a monthly interval that ends on the third Tuesday of each month. Quicken current functionality limits my report to only one future “third Tuesday”.

This seems like a simple update since the requested functionality already exists for scheduling auto entered transactions and reminders.

This functionality would also be greatly beneficial for Quicken Budgets.

Simply put, not all budgeting is done on an “end of month” basis.

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  • NotACPA
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    Even though your SocSec is on the 3rd Wednesday, why can't you budget using a calendar month?

    Even those who get regular paychecks, and have multiple paydays in a month, can budget using a calendar month.

    Yes, your SocSec would come in during the middle of a budget month … but how does that differ from someone getting paid on, say, the 15th and last of a month?

    I'd vote against this idea if that were possible.

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  • UKR
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    I concur with @NotACPA
    IMHO, it's really not necessary to budget based on a certain day of the month. Just simply budget by calendar month. It'll all work out by the end of the month, or in some cases, by the end of the year.

    And, it's not necessary to prerecord your scheduled reminders 3 months in advance. There are several ways to project your future account balances for 30, 60, 90 days or 12 months. Just take a look at the Projected Balances view, available under the Bills & Income tab. Select the accounts you wish to include in the view and the data range and you'll be able to see if there will be enough money in your accounts to cover your bills (except for unexpected, unscheduled events).

    Scheduled Reminders should only be set to remind you up to 28 days ahead, for the next payment instance. This way you'll be more flexible when a reminder's amount changes.