Please go back to using the return key to enter a new transaction (Q Mac) [Edited]

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In next update, please go back to using the return key to enter a new transaction, rather than having to click on "new" at bottom of screen.

I've been using Quicken since 1994. In (I believe) 2007 when purchasing the new software version, the ease of hitting return key to record a new transaction was removed, and now one has to pick up hand to move cursor to bottom of screen and hit "new," then place hand back to keys for typing again. This more than doubles the time it takes to record volumes of transactions for my remodeling and rental real estate expenses monthly. I have routinely requested this when calling for different issues over the years but no one is listening.

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  • J_Mike
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    Try the Cmnd + N keys.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    Sorry, I missed that this is a Mac question. My response applies to QWin, and may not be correct for Mac.

    Also you can go to Edit > Preferences > Data entry and QuickFill and un-check the "Use enter key to move between fields" box. With that box un-checked, the Enter key should accept the current transaction and move to a new one.

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  • debdock
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    I agree. I just discovered this today and it is doubling the time needed to enter a transaction. Each time I have to select the category from the drop down list, instead of typing and then hitting return.

  • jacobs
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    When you enter a new transaction, you can press Return to save the transaction. Or you can press Command-N (or click the New button if you prefer to use the mouse) to both save the transaction and open a new one for entry.

    So if you're entering a number of transactions, once you get in the habit of pressing Command-N — it takes a while to adjust if you've recently upgraded from the old Quicken 2007 — then you can enter + create new transaction in just one keystroke. It's no more work/keystrokes than the old method in Quicken 2007.

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