Expiring Equity Options

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In the investing center, how do I handle expiring options?I sold short a put option and it expired and I kept the money. What transaction must I make in Quicken to acknowledge that I no longer have puts? I am new to Quicken so any help would be appreciated!


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    Cover Short Sale with a $0 amount.If you are new to Quicken, why does your profile say you have 10+ years experience?--Edited by rlw at 06/20/2006 7:21 PM
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    How does a "cover short" differ from a "remove" transaction?Is it possible for Intuit to add an "expire" action whose date can be setup when the option is purchased, then triggered on the preset date? The benefit here is that the action can be added to QW's calendar/schedule along w/ other scheduled transactions.--D.Nolle--Edited by dbnolle at 06/24/2006 1:46 PM
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    > How does a "cover short" differ from a "remove"> transaction?Remove will not generate a capital gain/loss transaction.--JRMore details and specifics are always helpful to eliminate the need for assumptions in the response.
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