Red Arrow missing for credit card transactions

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I no longer see the red arrow on credit accounts; rather, charges are downloaded directly into transactions and marked with a c.  I do see the red arrow for investment account dowloaded charges  and I can then accept these as I once was able to do with Credit Card accounts.  

When I questioned if this was a change, answer was to accept the charges and validate my account. I had no option to accept the changes since there was no red arrow with transactions in lower screen and an accept option - rather they are listed as cleared.  They are valid.

But where is the red arrow for credit card accounts?  Do users see this arrow for both credit card and investment accounts?  All I am asking is if this is a change and, if so, why?



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    Edit | Preferences | Downloaded transactions

    Uncheck the box, "Automatically add downloaded transactions to registers".

    [The option only applies to non-investment accounts.]
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