credit card payments increase balance owed on register??

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I set up my credit card account in the cash flow: credit section.  I've successfully done the online downloads &amp_ monthly transfer from checking account to credit card account, plus the monthly reconciliation properly shows credits &amp_ payments &amp_ proper ending balance.  However, the credit card register shows payments and credits as increasing (as if they were charges) the balance owed.    So the balance on the credit card register just keeps getting bigger &amp_ bigger with every charge AND every payment.Any ideas why would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


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    Your credit card balance should be a negative (red) number when you owe money. A payment should add a positive number to that, to bring it closer to zero. Is this not happening?
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    I was struggling with the same thing.  Understanding 2 things helped me solve it.First, it was helpful to learn that the RED numbers and NOT the numbers with the minus sign (-) in front of them are negative numbers in a credit card account. Second, I had a payment in the register that was against charges not included in the register. I'll explain.The problem was to establish my account I had downloaded statements from my credit card's website from January 2006 thru June 2006.  What threw my balance off was the payment that was in the January statement that I downloaded applied to charges encurred in Dec. and thus, they were not in the register.I deleted this payment, plus any other charges preceding the closing date of the statement I started with.I also had some other payments that were showing up twice.After deleting those duplicates too, I was able to get my Quicken Credit Card balance to match my online credit card balance exactly!Now I'm ready to fix my other credit card accounts.Good Luck!
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