Recent problem with Quicken downloading Discover card charges

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Several days ago, I updated all accounts and there was no red check mark for charges under Discover to accept. Thinking something wrong, I removed and reentered this card for online updating.  What followed was a 365 day download of charges and paymens that required deleting duplicate entries.  Thinking it was a fluke, this a.m. I updated and the same thing happened.  No red check that alerts to transactions to accept.  Another 365 days of transactions, duplicates and several new ones - and they are marked as cleared. I have contacted Discover, but has anyone else experienced this phenomenon that revealed itself to me just this past week.  I have Quicken 2011.


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    Are you connecting to Discover Card or Discover Card Account Center?  You want Discover Card since it uses a Direct Connect download connection versus Express Web Connect for DCAC.
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    I am experiencing the same problem.  I have been connecting to Discover via direct connect for years, so something has happened in the last week or so.  Quicken indicates that the connection with and update from Discover was completed, but no new transactions are being added.  Originally I thought it was a one time thing and input a couple transactions manually, but it happened again this morning, so now I am in search of a clear solution.
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    The odds are great that this is a Discover problem. Direct Connect download data is 100% created by the financial institution (or their service provider). And there have been no recent changes to Quicken.

    I think the two most likely possibilities are that Discover is not downloading any transactions; or transactions are being downloaded with Financial Intitution Transaction ID's (FITID's) that have been used for different transactions in the past ... causing Quicken to do what it is supposed to do ... ignore those transactions (as duplicates).

    Check your OFXlog. Either Help > Product and Customer Support > OFXlog, or Help > Log Files > OFXlog.
    [You can Save the OFXlog to a TXT file and examine it in Notepad, etc.]

    In your Quicken Discover account register, you can have the downloaded FITID displayed. Account Actions > Register columns. Put a checkmark in "Downloaded ID".

    Assuming there were any transactions downloaded: In the OFXlog, each transaction should have a token named "FITID" followed by the actual ID. Search for those FITID's and compare them to the FITID's in your Quicken Discover account register to see if any are the same.

    [If there were other financial institutions in the recent downloads, their data can be in the OFXlog too. Look for "discover" first; then look for "FITID".]
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