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Is there a way (like using+) or something else to use in the search box in the register to search for and show like 2 catagories at once and show just those 2 to make changes to, same with be able to use search listing 2 tags and ask for 2 of the 3 tags listed for a given register line item maybe even using "or" between 1&2. Example: CJ:Xmas:College, as tags and I want to use "SEARCH" to find Just CJ linked to College as tags to view to make changes.


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    Have you tried running a banking transaction report?  You can edit transactions there and the customize option on  the tags tab has a "tags contain" drop box where you select the tags you want.

    I noticed that if you use the drop down box it does sort of an exact match.  So if you have a transaction tagged tag1:tag2:tag3 and choose tag 1 and tag 3 as the matching criteria it won't find it even though it says "contains".  however if you type in the box tag1..tag3 it will find it.  Click help at the bottom of the customize dialog box and then click on the item for payees and read up on the matching symbols etc.

    This may be able to get you a lot closer than you might otherwise get, and once there you can edit multiple transactions.
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