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I currently bought Quicken Premier 2010. I currently have some transactions like restreruants that I wanted classified as girlfriend and business. Would I use tags to classify transactions as multiple categories? The reason why is because I went to a resteraunt to eat which was business with a client but then my girlfriend went too. And at the end of the year for statistical reasons I wanted to know how much I spent total on my girlfriend. THanks


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    Yes, Tags ... for details search the in product help for "Working with Quicken | Tagging transactions"

    (I love the idea of tracking girlfriend expenses... whish I thought of that before I got married
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    I used sub catagories. I set up DINING as a catagory, then as a sub catagory under that I made sub catagories for: My Food; Our Food; Dining with Family. Then when the transaction comes through, I use split catagory and add charges to each sub catagory. So yours might be DINING: and (sub catagory) of : My Food another for Mary's Food, another for Business Food XYZ Co. and another for ABC Company. then enter split info on your transactions when they come through. Tags would also work, but I prefer using sub catagories.
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