Year End Report problems

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I have years 2004 thru current in my Quicken File. I did a year end for 2004, got that 2004 file and it took it off my current complete working file. When I tried to do the same with the next year (2005), I got a file for 2005, but that file did not drop off my current complete working file. I'm (SURE)  I selected the "I only want transaction.." box with 01/01/06 selected. What should I do to get the 2005 data to drop off my current file to use. I kept a copy of my current file and tried again to no avail. It's probably the process I'm using, or proceedure. Any help appreciated. I'd like to progressively work thru, have a copy for '04, '05, '06, '07, then just keep working file with '08 & '09.


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    I personally do not recommend "archiving" data.

    If you still want to do so, try using the Quicken "Copy" feature, rather than the "Year End" feature.

    Make sure you pay special attention to the two options to "Include All Prior ....".
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