"Change in Market Value" in Performance View Acts Strangely

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I manually added my Scottrade Roth IRA transactions starting from 6/30/10, taking care to add the correct cost basis for each holding. The Transaction View matches my account holdings and cash. However, when I look at the Performance View, the CHANGE IN MARKET VALUE (UNREALIZED) under INVESTING ACTIVITY shows something very weird. From 1/1/10 to current date, Q1 looks normal, but in Q2, the CHANGE IN MARKET VALUE jumps to over $300k, which is impossible since I only had a total of ~$16k in my account. Of course that carried over to Q3, which then showed a negative on market value of -$300k. This is messing up my networth report and in general, is driving me crazy. I've deleted the entire account, created a new one, and re-entered each transaction individually, but I have no idea where Quicken is pulling this info from. I have a modest mix of mutual funds and two stocks, and 1-2 sales from the beginning of this year, so I don't know where this error is that I can fix.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    Take a look at your security price history.  I suspect you missed a decimal point by a couple of positions.
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    GeoffG said:

    Take a look at your security price history.  I suspect you missed a decimal point by a couple of positions.

    Thanks - that did it! I just went to Portfolio View and clicked on DOWNLOAD HISTORICAL PRICES and that solved the issue.

    Much appreciated!
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    This dates from Quicken Premier 2007 but I'll submit it in case it's still relevant. I'd bought one share (BP) via two different brokers. I've treated them both as unquoted shares because I'm in the UK and I don't want Quicken giving me Dollar prices. But on entering the second purchase in the second stockbroker, Quicken updated the first valuation in the first stockbroker and gave me an unrealised gain. There's a message here. Before doing anything the least bit complex, print a report of your totals, then make sure that the totals (ultimately net worth) only change as they should. Good luck and Happy Christmas to all.
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