How do I reconcile a liability account in quicken 2010

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For an account of type "bank" I can find in the "Account Actions" pull-down menu an entry for "Reconcile".

For an account of type "liability" the reconcile function appears to be missing from the "Account Actions" pull-down menu.

Is this functionality missing in Quicken Deluxe 2010 for Windows?


  • Howard RoarkHoward Roark Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I don't believe there's ever been a reconcile button/menu option in liability accounts; there is no true reconcile for liability (or Asset, or Cash) accounts, just an "Update account balance" (which creates a single "Balance adjustment" transaction).

    If you put the reconcile button on the Quicken toolbar, you can use that in any Quicken account, and you will get whatever "reconcile" capability is available for that account.

    If you want to mark liability account transactions as "R"econciled, you can do it one-by-one (clicking in the "Clr" field will toggle that field's value from space to "c" to "R"); or by selecting multiple transactions (as you would select multiple files in Windows Explorer), then Edit > Transaction > Reconcile > Reconciled.  [You could also do it with Find/Replace.]
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