Billminder Gadget shows incorrect number of overdue transactions

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The Windows Vista Sidebar Billminder Gadget shows more overdue bills than the Quicken Billminder. This originally appeared when I made a copy of my Quicken files and the Sidebar Gadget showed twice as many overdue bills. The used Quicken Bachup to copy  Quicken files which were created in another folder (Backup). At this time the Quicken Billminder showed both files. I used "Find Quicken Files" to locate all sets of Quicken files and deleted all but my current set of files. I went through various sequences of removing the gadget, unistalling the gadget and rebooting but the Billminder Gadget still showed more overdue bills than the Quicken Billminder.  I then cut my current set of Quicken files and pasted them to an external memory card.  I now have no quicken files on my HDD. The Quicken Billminder shows no overdue bills. I removed and uninstalled the Billminder Gadget. I then rebooted. When I reinstall the Billminder Gadget, it STILL shows 3 overdue bills, even with no Quicken files available. Where are the files that are used for the information for the Billminder Gadget and what are the filenames? My next step will be to uninstall Quicken and start over. I am using Windows Vista Home SP2, Quicken 2009 Deluxe R7.


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    set to view hidden files and folders & goto


    You can open the gadget.rmd in a notepad to see the entries. you can also just deletew the file so it gets recreated when you start quciken

    Unfortunately the sidebar gadget in Quicken 2010 doesn't update. They say the might be working on it to fix it.
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    I am submitting this as an answer instead of a comment because with the help of TEW's information I found the errors of my ways.
    First, when I searched for files discussed in other posts, I didn't search for hidden files so no files were found.  Thanks again to TEW for supplying the correct filename for this situation (gadget.rmd) and also the correct path (C:Users????AppDataRoamingIntuitQuickenDatagadget.rmd).   But even when I renamed or deleted the files (QW.RMD & gadget.rmd), both the gadget and billminder showed overdue bills that were not shown in the "Bill and Income Reminders" window within Quicken.
    What I discovered was that the billminder data was not updated when I would edit the due date of overdue bills.   While this would move the scheduled bill to a later due date in the Quicken Bill and Income Reminders window,  it would not change the due date in the billminder data files for Billminder and Gadget data.   These data files appearently continue to base the displayed information on the scheduled due date, not the current due date.   My mistake was to only edit the due date of the overdue transactions.   Once I entered the transactions as paid, the billminder and gadget information for overdue bills showed the correct corrent number of overdue transactions.   I assume that it would also work if I would have "skipped" the transaction.

    I still have three remaining questions:
    The Gadget shows many "Upcoming transactions" and the Billminder shows a comment that "Payment: XXBank has scheduled bills or deposits due soon".    The Quicken Bill and Income Reminders window does not show any transactions within the "Show in List" parameter.  Meaning that I have a deposit due on Feb 1st but the "Show in List" parameter is "0 days before".   I would expect that these scheduled transactions would not show in the Billminder or Gadget lists because they are not within the "Show in List" period.   As of Jan 30th, I have 11 transactions scheduled between now and Feb 28th, none of these have a "Show in List" parameter that would have them show as upcoming transactions. The Gadget shows 13 "Upcoming Transactions".    What does the Gadget and Billminder base their "upcoming" list on?

    Will I continue to run into this issue if I create copies or backups of my current Quicken file?
    If multiple Quicken profiles (files) are running on the same PC for multiple users will the Billminder and Gadget show totals for all profiles?
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