Quicken 8 - won't print reports (Code 7303)

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My Quicken 8 program suddenly stopped printing reports.  When I press the print button, the preview shows today's date in bold letters and nothing else (i.e., the report page I'm trying to print does not appear in the print window) and then I get an error message saying that Quicken must shut down. The message says Code 7303.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Quicken but that did not fix the problem.  I am running Quicken on a Mac via Fusion.  Everything worked fine for years till this happened suddenly.  Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks.


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    You can try the following

    Error When Printing: Quicken has encountered a problem and needs to close. Error 7xxx
    Updated: 3/24/2010 | Article ID: 3902

    Also you can try

    Printer won't show up as a choice – Quicken

    Close Quicken
    Locate the wpr.dat file on your hard drive for your Quicken installation. It may be in a hidden folder
    Delete (or rename to be safer) the wpr.dat
    Restart Quicken. The program should re-create the file to fit your installed printers. See if you can now print from Quicken.

    Make sure you backup or copy your data files before making any changes.
    Quicken Windows Premier 2019
    Windows 10 Pro 1903
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