Can't get red transaction numbers to print in red on Lexmark X5470

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I have a Lexmark X5470 printer. When I have reports with numbers in red, I can't get printout showing those numbers in red. I just had chat with Lexmark, had me do a few things and told me printer is ok, that it has to be Quicken software issue. Any ideas anyon?. I've tried being sure all printer setting are correct when I print to no avail. The numbers showing on red on my screen should be able to print in red also, correct assumption?


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    on your report screen, click "print."  The print dialogue box pops up. On the lower left hand side, you will see a series of boxes: "Print What,"  "Orientation,"   and "Ink Color."  Under "Ink Color." check "color."  The default is "grayscale", which prints a minus sign for negative numbers, instead of printing in red.

    Cllick the preview button and you will see what will be actually printed, which will be red negative numbers.
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