Quicken 2011 Deluxe unable to import from OFX after update to R8

MikeMike Member
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I recently upgraded my Quicken 2011 Deluxe from R7 to R8 and I now find that I am
no longer able to import transactions from my local credit union.  My credit union is
my primary financial institution and has great rates, great service and I have my
HELOC there so I am not willing to move to a different bank that might provide
better integration with Quicken.  I used to be able to one-step-update to download
my transactions but some time last year (or perhaps in 2009) Intuit changed
something that broke this.  I was however still able to download transactions
from my credit union website and have Quicken import them.  Now that I have
updated to R8 it seems that even this no longer works.  Any ideas on how to
get back to R7?  Thanks!
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