What is an Ending Balance?

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In Quicken Premier 2011, there are a number of views which display both a Current and Ending Balance for an Account. In my Accounts, these two columns always display the same amount. I understand what the Current Balance represents, but I don't understand what the Ending Balance is since it's always the same as the current.

Examples of Views which have these columns:

Banking Account Details: Month to Date

Account List (With Show Ending Balance under Options Checked)

Quicken 2017 Premier - Windows 10


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    Online balance is the balance at the financial institution.
    Current balance is the balance in your register as of the current date. (Just above the blue line if yo have future transactions entered)
    Ending balance is the last balance in the register and includes any future transactions that may already be entered into the register.

    If you never put in any future transactions, current and ending would be the same and at least in Q'2011, current would not be shown.
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