reconcile button location in 2010

BobBob Member
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The help section says the reconcile button is in the toolbar directly above the register in 2010, why isn't it


  • CliffCliff Member ✭✭
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    You can get to reconcile two ways.  When you are in the register, click on Tools, you will see a dropdown menu, it is about #18 down.  Also, when you are in the register, out to the right you will see a tab that is "Account Actions".  Click on this and you will see a dropdown menu and Reconcile is on this menu
  • Mistah CareeMistah Caree Member
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    Third way and one that will keep it a one click button.
    Go to customize toolbar and check show all options. One of the options is reconcile. This option will not be above the regirster but will be on the main custom tool bar,
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