How do you delete a tag using Find and Replace

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I have several transactions with a tag on them. Now  I want to take the tag off and leave the transaction without a tag. How can I do this without going to each transaction and deleting the tag one at a time? I do not see a way to delete a tag on several transactions using Edit Transactions.


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    There may be several ways to do what you want to do.  Here is one I like.

    Open your account register, click the Report drop down menu just above the Balance column.  Select Register Report.  

    On the register report, click the column header for Tag to sort the report be tag.  Use the mouse to highlight the full range of transactions for the Tag you want to change.

    Right click the highlighted area to display a pop-up edit menu.  Select "Retag transactions" and enter the tag you want to appear in the transactions or leave the dialog box blank to delete the tags for the selected range of transactions.  If the tag you enter is new, Quicken will add the tag to the tag list.

    I have used this technique to retag, recategorize, and to edit the memo for a group of transactions.
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