Mutual Funds daily price update enters today's date and skips yesterday's date when I download in th

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This started to occur with the update to R7. Individual stock prices download yesterday's date correctly'.

Spoke to quicken support twice about this problem but their solution is to  delete 7 prices from the price history for every mutual fund then download historical prices. Sometimes this works but not always. If I close Quicken and reopen, seems like the first mutual fund works OK. This process takes almost an hour. Any ideas how to correct this or how to undo R7?


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    OK I found a work around until this gets fixed. I go to investments and update historical prices and the fund price for yesterday shows yesterday date correctly. If I then update prices in one step updates, I also get a price for today that is the same price as yesterday. So I will update historical prices and kill the price update in one step. I also found this morning that I got a today's price for IBM and Microsoft. Current time is 6:30 AM
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    Thanks for your workaround.  I'm having a similar problem and will try the historical price update as you have suggested.  In my case, and this is only happening with mutual funds too (never seen it on my stocks or ETF's), it enters yesterday's NAV and date and then that same NAV again with  today's date.  This is early in the day, an  hour before or after market opening.  Your comment also makes me realize why that incorrect NAV stays the same, even a few days down the road.  So, I'm realizing that updated Historical prices will correct it.  

    To confuse things further, it doesn't happen to all mutual funds, just some, and not all the time (but often).  And the funds affected change day-to-day.  Plus, I have 3 different Quicken accounts (as in 3 different QDF files) and the issue crosses all 3 files (but the same mutual fund can be affected this way in one account and not the other two at any given update).  Between that fact, and having run File Validation without problems, I'm kind of eliminating file corruption as a cause in my case.

    I too wonder if this relates to R7.  Unfortunately I can't recall when I did that upgrade.  Glad you posted though - thanks.
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    The issue still occurs with R8.  My guess is that there may be time confusion with the daily closure of some of mutual funds.  Likewise, I never see the problem with my stocks.
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    Hi All,
    This is a known issue that we are currently investigating and hope to have resolved as soon as possible--for more information, please check out this thread:

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