what are Quicken entries for normal distribution and for conversion from trad. ira to roth?

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I am having difficulty with downloading these. Working on that problem.

The MD is complicated by part of fund directed to Qual. Char. Dist. and rest to money market in retail account at same company. I have been using removed and added for the move from Trad. IRA to Roth. Is this action appropriate? If not, what is? Thanks for counsel.


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    I would not do removes.

    The key here is to edit the Ira and be sure you have transfers out set to be taxable distributions. Then for the Roth conversion, transfer it to an existing or new Roth account. For the other withdrawal transfer it to your checking accounted wherever you put it. Then go to that account,and split the deposit from the IRA, adding the charitable contribution amount. ( it is sort of as if you had written a separate check from the checking account.)

    Set the transfers out via the Tax Schedule button from the account edit screen, accessed via ctl-a, edit.
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