How do you register incoming loan payments?

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I have upgraded from Quicken 2011 to 2014. I am having trouble handling incoming loan payments


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    How do I get the payment amortized with payments of variable amounts?
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    I was unhappy with the upgrade (?) to 2014 H&B from 2011 H&B for the same reason. You will need to go to the account in Property & Debt and edit the Payment Options so that Loan Reminder is On. Click OK. Press (Ctrl) + (Shift) + N to open up the Transactions Menu and select Enter Loan Payment. In the upper right corner of the screen there are two Gears. The lower of the two is the one you want. Actions (Ctrl + Shift +N) There is an option to Customize Action Bar at the bottom of the Transaction Menu. I moved the Available Toolbar Button for Enter Loan Payment to Your Toolbar Buttons and clicked Done. Now I have a little button (looks like clock face at 5 O'Clock) next to the Actions gear.
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