cash transfers from investment account appearing in cash account as reconciled

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When updating Quicken 2014 online from my investment house, sold security transactions appear as "cleared" in the investment account. However, the matching transfer in the cash account is automatically marked as "reconciled", which is throwing my reconciliation reports off. I have tried changing the status in the investment account, but nothing I do will correct the matching cash transfer from "reconciled" to "cleared." Does anyone have any suggestions?




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    I don't know if this will work for everyone, but I just stumbled across a solution that worked for my two linked cash/investment accounts. I was experiencing what sounds like the same problems others have been having with reconciling when Quicken was automatically marking downloaded transactions as "R"econciled before I did an actual reconciliation against my paper statements. Anyway, here's what I did to resolve this problems in my two accounts:

    The first thing is to make sure you have backups. I did redundant backups just to be safe. Then go to the investment account of the linked accounts. From the "Actions" menu, go to "Edit Account Details." You can also just hit Ctrl-Shift-E. Within this new screen is an option to "Show cash in checking account." If yours was set up like mine, it is currently selecting "yes." Hold your breath and click "No" and click OK. Then be prepared to wait an ungodly amount of time, depending on your file size. My system even shut down a couple of times while doing this, occasionally throwing up an error screen. I don't know what my system or I was doing wrong, but it took me several attempts to unlink the two accounts, restoring the file back to the original version each time there was a problem. When it does finally work, you are left with only the investment account, which now contains everything, including all of your cash transactions. Double check your ending balance to be sure. I backed this file up as well to avoid having to unlink them again if something else went wrong.

    Now go back to the "Edit Account Details" screen and click "Yes" under "Show cash in checking account." Again, kick back because this might take a while as well. Again, my system screwed up a couple of times, but I was able to restore this time to the unlinked version of the file and resume to link from there. Eventually, it worked.

    I then proceeded to the reconcile screen. Some of my earlier reconciled items appeared as unreconciled, but the investment transfers that had previously given me headaches were now all as they should be. I had to go through and re-reconcile the earlier reconciled items that now appeared as unreconciled, but after doing that everything worked great. It balanced to the penny for the first time in months.

    I then successfully repeated this process with my second cash/investment account. So, whatever was my problem appears to be corrected. The proof will be next month when I get my next statements.

    I won't guarantee that this (tedious) procedure will work for anyone else, but here's hoping it will. Let me know if it does. Good luck!
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