NEW AND DIFFERENT Vanguard not recognized by Quicken?

Mark ShaftonMark Shafton Member ✭✭
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I had all the problems everyone else is having with Vanguard, so I gave up and deleted the account. My intention was to start again with a fresh account,
so I started the add account dialog. The first thing it asks if account type and I select 401K which is correct. Then it asks for financial institution and I enter Vanguard and it shows that selection on the screen. However when I select it, it says that Quicken has no information on Vanguard and the account must be set up manually, with no download capability. I was able to deactivate and reactivate the account yesterday at which time it recognized vanguard just fine, but the download was so screwed up and balances so wrong, that I decided to start anew. Any ideas what is wrong now? Contacting Vanguard is a complete waste of time. They haven't a clue.


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