Since upgrading to Quicken 2015 automatic update cannot connect to my account at American Express Ba

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tried de and e activating downloads. it connected and downloaded but subsequent updates returned error message.


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    What error was returned?
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    I have a similar issue when trying to update my bank accounts (now that I've moved to Quicken 2015).  Even though I've gone to my bank site to check and confirm my ID and Login information, when clicking on update accounts in Quicken, I'm prompted multiple times for the answer to my security question (which I've also verified), before Quicken returns a screen that says 'Connectivity Problems'.  This screen also says: "The login information for your financial institution is incorrect.  If you have recently changed your password, enter it here."  I have gone to my bank site, and verified several times, I've entered the correct password.  Please advise how to overcome this connectivity problem.
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    I submitted the original question. the problem seems to have resolved after running the "reset" which is in the account edit options under online services..It is strange though because when I previously reset the connection manually, that did not fix the problem. My guess is that every time Quicken or any of the financial companies modify any security feature these issues arise. Seems someone has fixed this one.
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