When I do a report Spending>By Category, one is missing? [RESOLVED]

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Hello again! As the question mentions when I do a report, the pie chart does not show 1 particular category. However in the Report below the pie chart it is showing? Why is it NOT showing in the pie chart. I have a category INSURANCES. 2 subcategories of Home and Auto. The split details work fine, they show when mouse over. But why isn't the pie chart showing it? Thanks again for any suggestions. Jack ":-Dx


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    Same thing happens for me with medical expenses and tax. I have subcategoriesy that show up in the transaction list but not the pie chart or category breakdown. What bothers me more is that those amounts aren't included in the total spending for Medical and Tax, and therefore my total spending for the period is incorrect. This makes the Spending summary questionable because these omissions are hard to find.

    I think this may have something to do with the number of subcategories under a main category. In both of my cases, any category after the 8th one (perhaps in the order they were created?) seemed to be ignored in the Spending summary. I was able to delete one unused subcategory, then move the "lost" transactions to a new subcategory, delete the old one and rename the new one to the old name. Maybe that's more steps than necessary, but it worked!

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    There's only a limited number of slices in a pie chart. Once that limit has been reached everything else is summarily displayed in a slice labeled "Other"

    you may have a different issue, but without in-depth analysis I might as well look into a crystal ball for an answer.
    Your mention of problems with subcategories could be indicative of data file corruption.

    You should validate your Quicken data file. It may have become corrupted over time of if you ever had crashes while running Quicken.
    Please run this procedure:
    - Click File / File Operations / Validate and Repair. Click Validate File, check to make sure the correct file is being validated, click OK. Let it run.
    - Fix any errors logged as not repaired by Quicken.
    Now, with the just validated file still open, try your failing action again.

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