Why is the font size different/smaller in investment accounts than in bank or credit card accounts?

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Font size acceptable in bank/credit card accounts, far too small in investment accounts. Display scaling on high DPI settings is disabled per previous comments.


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    Actually Quicken 2015 is the first version of Quicken that you should be able to use display scaling.

    As to your problem, most likely you have set the font size for regular accounts to a larger size, unfortunately the investment accounts don't respond to that setting, or have their own font settings, they are just a fixed system size.

    So what you need to do is get your regular account register fonts back to the same size as the investment account's and then resize everything either using View -> Use Large Fonts, or/and Windows display scaling.

    To adjust the non investment register fonts:

    Edit -> Preferences -> Register -> Fonts...

    See this on the fonts:

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