Why does Quicken Deluxe 2015 hang up when resetting account after a connection problem?

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I had hoped to get rid of connection problems I was having between Quicken and the 5 accounts I have at my bank, Bangor Federal Credit Union, by upgrading from Q2014 Deluxe to Q2015 Deluxe. I should have known better. In one sense, the problem is worse, but in another it is slightly better, except for the program hang or crash that I am asking about.

What has been happening is that, when I download account transactions, Q2015 fails to connect, and I wind up having to reset the account. This had happened in Q2014 too, but only about once per month. The way it is slightly better is that a simple account reset always works, where previously I usually had to deactivate the account, wait several days, then reactivate it. It's just that now it happens 3 or 4 times per week, and is more of a continual annoyance. The annoyance is further compounded by how, even after a successful reset, the program hangs up with the Account Details dialog box still open, and the progress spinner is still going. In the attached screen capture, you can see that the dialog says the account is resetting, while in the background you can see that it has already downloaded cleared transactions. It hangs in this state, and I am unable to click OK, or Cancel, or even select the dialog box with the mouse to move it. I let it sit in this state for about 5 minutes, and the only way to clear it is to terminate it with Task Manager. Task Manager shows the program as Not Responding when I open it.

I saw a very similar problem to this one in the following post, but it has been closed without an answer and is not open for comments or answers:

As always, any help will be appreciated.


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    I have seen this too. Another option is to deactivate the connection and then activate it again.
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    BillG said:

    I have seen this too. Another option is to deactivate the connection and then activate it again.

    Thanks, but I've tried that, and it takes longer, and may not work at all until I wait at least 24 hours.  It will reactivate without the hangup, but it's actually quicker, on average, to just force Quicken to close with Task Manager and reopen it again. So far, I haven't lost any data doing that.
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    I have been using quickens since DOS. Upgraded every year and no problems until 2014, which took me several months to straighten out. I had hopes for 2015 and I have been having trouble ever since. I have tried the troubleshooting but so far no avail. I hope Intuit will get its act together. I am quickly coming to the conclusion that we are their beta testers and I really don't appreciate having to pay to get the bugs worked out and not being paid as a beta tester. Just very frustrated.
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