How do I disable upgrade nag screen. IT DOES NO GOOD TO UNCHECK REMINDER BOX, the nag screen returns

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I pay for Quicken. I should not be nagged. I use a macro, and the nag screen to upgrade keeps it from working. There is a tick box saying to be reminded later. I uncheck that, but it doesn't matter the nag screen keeps coming back.


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    Over the last few weeks, there have been several upgrade offers. For example, one expired Dec 31, one expired Jan 14, the current off I see expires today, Jan 19. You may be seeing these nags not because your remind box is being ignored, but because each of those nags is a new offer. Just a thought.
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    I say, scroo the moneygrubbers. I also stopped using TurboTax after 20 years because they moved essential forms to the higher version that costs $30 more. Now using Tax ACT, check it out.
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